Friday, January 8, 2010

My dreamboat and my flaw

Oh yeah, by the way, in case anyone cares to hear, remember that guy I was sort of seeing who made the jokes about a housepig you could peel crackling from on demand?

I decided early on that I wasn't really keen on pursuing anything - he just didn't do it for me. But, you know, I didn't tell him he was a knob, I was nice about it. But he said lets go on some more dates. I said lets just hang out and you might not even fancy me or want to take me on dates after all.

And in his limitless empathy and understanding he told me that he can't imagine I could have many more flaws. "I've already accepted your biggest flaw of being a vegan, so I think I could probably deal with anything else."

He wasn't even joking, he was trying to win his way back into my heart. Oh, the romance!

What a keeper.

Well, anyway, enough messing about. I better get to work on improving myself and fixing this major flaw of mine, I've spent long enough denying I have a problem.


  1. Oh, classic!
    That major flaw of yours is gonna get ya every time!


    He's a keeper!!!

  2. sounds like he has foot in mouth disease - but then again sounds like he wouldn't mind eating any flesh so he might not consider this a problem - ha ha!

  3. Top bloke huh?

    I have encountered a squillion comments about being vegan, but this takes the cake for being extremely badly thought out.

  4. Pfft, he sounds like such a wanker.

  5. Yep. Giant knobface. Are you reading this Matt?

  6. Oh man, what a guy!!! This made me laugh...I love how you describe stuff sometimes. Don't despair though...there are some great guys out there. Somehow (goodness knows how) I found myself a vegetarian chef!

  7. Thanks Vaala, at least my dating woes results in good stories! Well, if you find a guy for me who is not mentally disfigured, pass him my way thanks.

    Vegetarian chef? Talk about hitting the jackpot!