Monday, January 18, 2010

Raw food and kicking cancer in the a-hole.

I've mentioned a bunch of times about my family going vegan for health.

Well, my brother Paul still has cancer and despite over 2 years of surgery, chemo, radiation, experimental drugs, meditation, vegan diets and Dr Gawler retreats he is still fighting the battle we thought he had won at the start.

After watching Simply Raw they have decided to fight even harder and try a 30 day raw vegan diet to beat this bastard.

They went 90% vegan last year so that part is pretty much sussed. But raw is a whole new thing for them.

Jules, my beautiful sis-in-law, has been cooking healthy vegan meals for her, Paul and their 3 year old daughter day in and day out. No cooking with oil, no added salt, no refined white stuff, no junk, no fried stuff, and with his fussiness, no mushrooms, no stirfries (unless they are amazing), no eggplants, no pineapple...

I do already follow a few great raw blogs but as always, there is often an overwhelming amount of info out there that it's hard to know where to start. If anyone has any top tips for making this adjustment easy hand them my way! Fave quick recipes that don't require dehydrators and crazy kitchen appliances and 38 hours of presoaking are preferable!

Or let Jules know, she's started a blog about her raw masterplan.


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  2. I've been looking at more and more raw recipes lately, because they tend to be gluten free, and there are so many raw food blogs.

    I quite like ani's raw recipes, she has a 'cookbook' at radical grocery, but you can get many of her recipes online at:

    and looks promising!

    We had an awesome raw potluck, maybe we should have another one to give you a few more ideas.

    Good luck, I really hope your brother gets better!

  3. Hey Niki, what an incredible thing your family is doing. I really hope Paul's cancer gets the arse, but at the very least the vegan and raw food will be doing his body (and his family's) a world of good so they can be stronger and healthier to fight the cancer in every way possible. I'll definitely check out Jules' blog. Best of lucj to all of you!

  4. Thanks guys, it turns out that while Jules was bored shitless of making vegan meals, she is LOVING making raw vegan meals. Who woulda thought?

    And I can vouch for them being delicious.