Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Year in Meat

The Year In Meat.

Check it out. Erik Marcus has compiled all you need to know about everything veg*n related that happened in 2009.  Did you miss anything last year?  Who did Big Ag bully?  How many tens of millions Americans got sick from Big Ag's contempt for consumers?  Which underdogs said screw you Big Ag? Who banned eating babies?

All this and more!!


  1. Great article. I spent a lot of time shaking my head when I read that, the meat/dairy/egg industries are hideous.

  2. Oh, I know, isn't it horrific? Animal cruelty, health and environment aside, the underhanded actions of agribusiness is just appalling. Is there anything they do that is honest?

    Of course they don't care about animals, but they certainly don't give a shit about people either - can't have swine flu or E.coli or salmonella get in the way of profits. Who cares if that cow is diseased, it's someone else's kid who will die eating that burger, not my concern.

    They make me fucking sick. (And billions of others, literally).

  3. I just linked to this as well! I had so much fun following all the links, how interesting reading is it? Also, I love articles with that level of linkage and research.

  4. Yeah, I haven't followed all the links yet - there are HEAPS in there. I love that it's so researched that it can refute any unresearched argument for eating meat. I just think of all the ignorant comments people make against animal rights articles, and if they really did want to be informed before spouting their mouth off they could get it all here. But you can bet if you posted this link they would just prefer to remain ignorant.