Monday, January 4, 2010

2009: The good, the bad, and the wildly optimistic.

2009 sucked because
- my brother Paul hasn't kicked cancer's arse
- my Dad had a stroke
- I moved flat 3 fucking times! (and I'm moving AGAIN soon)
- time was wasted on a bunch of men not worth naming who turned out to be giant twats

2009 ruled because
- 3 of my friends went veggie
- 4 people in my family went 90% vegan for health reasons
- Dad's diabetes looks like it's on it's way to sodding off
- I started this blog and found lots of great Melbourne Veg*n bloggers
- I've got to see my family more now that I'm no longer in London
- I have moved to the coolville that is Collingwood

2010 will rule because
- ......  (hmmm this is a lot harder) ....
- my Dad will reduce his diabetes meds and get healthier
- Paul will beat cancer
- my office will move to Collingwood
- I will meet a great fucking guy with good musical taste who doesn't tell me that my being vegan is a flaw he's 'learned to cope with' (for real).
- ......(maybe I will just go for wildly optimistic pipedream dreams while I am at it)
- I will win lotto without buying a ticket
- I will win the pub quiz at Grumpys
- I will get fit and actually enjoy running


  1. I hope 2010 is a better year for you, and I really hope that your brother gets better soon!

    Also, maybe we can see you at a potluck this year?

  2. Wow, 2009 was a tough year for you. I hope that 2010 will be better! I think it's great though that your family are able to combat some of their health problems through the adoption of a vegan diet :-). I really hope your brother gets better. :-)

  3. Honest lists Niki ... It is so great that your dad's diabetes is better controlled, and best of luck with the cancer-arse-kicking.
    Also, please do some arse-kicking of any guy who treats your veganism with anything other than respect! It may not be his thing, but if it's yours then he should understand it, be cool with it, and defend it. And I will hopefully join you in learning to love running!

  4. Sorry to hear about the awfulness of 2009 - it seems to have been a terrible year for sickness for many people. Sincerest wishes that your brother's and father's health improves - and I'm sure you're a shoo-in for lotto :D

  5. Thanks guys, 2009 was a bit poo. Bring on 2010 being one million times better huh?

    Miss T - damn that running, it's nasty! I just started again this morning, jesus it's just too boring for words.

    Kristy - potluck, do I have to show off my bad culinary skills? Can't I just turn up 'by accident' and eat everything on the table?

    Little Aspects - yay for the vegan diet working wonders! Lets hope it works some miracles for us.

    Hannah - when I win lotto I will buy you a yacht :)