Monday, January 4, 2010

Bowl of Soul, Port Melbourne

There are 3 great things about this place:
1. Yum.
2. Yum.
3. Yum.

Omni friend: Wow this is delicious, so tasty!
Me: Nom nom nom
Omni: Yum, so good.
Me: Mmmm, this is great!
Omni: Drool drool
Me: Gobble gobble

Unabridged Version:

To beat our back to work blues my mate Jane and I checked out this place I had read reviews from before, particularly Carla who, it appears, has shares in this joint.

Going for the most unvegan sounding meal I got the 'Steak Out' sandwich with fakin bacon and cheezly, which was a somewhat guilty pleasure reminiscent of olden day greasy beef burger indulgence. Hit the spot perfectly and at $12.80 has kicked The Maori Chief's Veggie Burger square in the nuts. (Sorry Billy).

Jane went for the Satay Chicken burger which looked great, super juicy and, in a strange complimentary way, had perfectly stringy 'chicken'. Luckily Jane is one of those veggie friendly omnis who enjoy faux meat without having to compare it to the 'real thing' and also goes to Enlightened Cuisine of her own free will. (no way!)

As we left Bowl of Soul she declared "That's how a burger should be".

And at that, we found our new Monday lunching spot.

Bowl of Soul
118 Bridge Street
Port Melbourne


  1. nice!!! its so nice to have somewhere to go for lunch! I'm going to miss being able to go there all the time when I dont work in Port Melbourne...

    I've eaten almost everything there... their baked goods arent great, but the chocolate dipped wild figs are amazing.

  2. Yeah I have to work my way through the menu for sure! Just found out we might not be in the Port Melbourne offices on Mondays now, after 6 months of being there how typical that we stop going as soon as I discover a great lunching place. Sob.

  3. Sounds amazing. I am coming to meet you for lunch very soon (it'll be a break from raw...)!