Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Lamb on Australia Day. MLA vs Frys

What a load of marketing bollocks.

If you haven't heard or seen this campaign by agribusiness to promote it's product by claiming it makes you a real "Australian" on Australia Day you're not missing anything except an opportunity to be sucked in by marketers telling you what to eat in order to be patriotic.

The reason I hate these campaigns is that many people don't feel they are being marketed to or advertised to unless it's a brand and it's obvious. Think of all the suckers who took Sam Neill's word as gospel/science when he claimed we need meat to make our brains bigger. And to evolve past the chimps. And that meat is an essential part of your diet. People took that as science and fact and not as a marketing push from Meat & Livestock Australia (MLA).

Now, I don't expect people to take this Lamb on Australia Day as science, but I also don't expect them to see it for what it is - and that is another marketing push from MLA.  Let's hope this doesn't get adopted as another blind tradition simply to make money for agribusiness out of animal suffering.

Roll in the hero, Fry's Vegetarian for their spoofed version. Thanks Fry's! Take that, MLA!


  1. That Frys spoof video is gold!! Love it!

    (I won't even start on that Sam Neill ad with the chimpanze - it makes me so mad and I have been known to yell at the tv in response! I hate the whole concept that it's trying to push that unless you eat meat, you're effectively a monkey).

  2. I hadn't heard of this, but thanks for pointing it out. Yikes. Pretty ridiculous! Also, the whole concept of being a 'real' Australian is atrocious. We get that a lot in the states too. You know, if you are a liberal and don't hate absolutely everyone, well, you just aren't a 'real' American.

    Thanks for linking to the spoof!

  3. haha great pisstake of the sam kekovich ads!

  4. What freaks me out is that Australia Day is now being seen as day on which to eat lamb meat...a little like Thanksgiving and turkeys in the US. My local supermarket had a big promotion the other day for lamb meat for Australia Day...made me furious just thinking how this marketing scam has infiltrated society to the point where lamb is to be seen as the food of choice on this day.

  5. Ugh, isn't this whole Australians eat lamb thing disgusting? I did read one great comment about the MLA Lamb ad, and that was that it was so annoying it's enough to make him not eat lamb.

    And let's hope Fry's version, which made it on the Morning Show has gained a bunch of new customers riding on MLA's massive marketing budget.

  6. I think its fantastic! More lamb should be eaten, and yes if your not eating lamb on Australia Day then you aren't a real Aussie......pack your bags and emigrate