Thursday, January 7, 2010

Human Rights and Veganism.

'Why are you vegan? We should focus on human rights before animals'.

If you care about human rights, you should care about veganism.

If you care about human rights you probably don't want people to be exposed to the dangers, humiliation and disgusting treatment they face working in slaughterhouses whilst earning a pittance.

Did you know slaughterhouses actively employ illegal immigrants so that they cannot be protected by the Employee Rights Act?

Did you know they can be immediately dismissed from their jobs if they question routine inhumane treatment of the animals?

Did you know they often wet themselves on the killing floor because they are permitted minimal toilet breaks?

Did you know it is the most dangerous job in the world? Never mind that they get paid minimum wages, with little to no insurance or employee protection.

Did you know the violence they face everyday gets taken home to their families?

Did you know just living near a slaughterhouse greatly increases your risk of disease, rape and violent crime?

I haven't linked all these claims as there are far too many out there. If you care to read more about any of them, just google or check out some of the links below.

Or get your hands on a copy of Slaughterhouse.

Working Conditions in American Slaughterhouses
Killing for a living. Low wages and long hours
Child labour charges
Crimes Unseen
Medical Mystery Solved in Slaughterhouse


  1. Great post! Even without all the links, I don't get the argument that the two are mutually exclusive. That's like saying "Why are you a feminist? We should focus on racism"... doesn't make sense to my head!

  2. Snaps Niki and Theresa. Great post!

  3. Yeah, I don't get why these things would be considered mutually exclusive. That's nuts.

    And also, when anyone says that sort of shit you're just dying to ask "So what advocacy do you do to promote human rights?" cos as far as I can tell, its simply a cop out argument and never an "I'm just so busy fighting for people's rights that I don't have any time left in the day to fight for animals."

    Anyone who does REALLY care about human rights is often actually open to the idea that animal rights are worth considering too.