Friday, January 29, 2010

Eats and beats

Last week's ins and outs.

My mate Una's birthday dinner. Despite us being overwhelmingly famished I sensibly insisted we only get 4 entrees between us and then there will be room for dessert. I was wrong. We couldn't even finish the entrees. What a pair of soft bastards. We got the avocado tempura, lentil dumplings, balsamic gnocchi and the green papaya salad (I just made all these names up but you get the gist). Strangely, it wasn't as great as last time but I have no idea why. The champagne was great though. As was meeting Kristy and Toby sitting across from us; me umming and ahhing over whether it was more polite to yell across the restaurant or walk up and ask if she was Kristy then slink away embarrassed if it wasn't. But then Toby got out the camera and took a bunch of foody shots so it became pretty obvious it was them and I opted for the yelling. On a small negative note, this was the second time I have been there for a 6pm booking and they haven't been open 'til about 15 past. In this case, they still hadn't put the sign to open by then, but we got cold and bored and sober so charged on in anyway.

Camera Obscura
From Shakahari to gorgeous, gorgeous music at The Corner in Richmond. Very fucking packed though and could barely see anything except shoulders. But I was also a bit extremely tipsy by then so maybe I wouldn't have been able to see anything regardless. Luckily my ears loved it. Second small world moment of the evening: Carla and Toby were there, driven home by Kristy afterwards. Didn't know this 'til I read all your posts!

Passion Foods
Random stop in the other day in the hunt for Purely Decadent soy icecream, or their freshly made coconut black sticky rice pudding. They had neither which would have made it a completely soul-destroying mission if it hadn't been for the magical discovery that is their fresh Coconut and Lime Sago Pudding with berries. I didn't know I liked sago, but this shit was divine! Get it!

Bright Young Things - Full Moon Dinner
Review to come, dependent on their response to the email I sent them.

Bowl of Soul
Yumbo! Just had lunch there today with two of my workmates as it's become one of Jane's faves since our first visit. Stake-Out Sandwiches all round and it was great. My boss, who thinks I'm a bit weird being vegan but is cool with it, commented to the waitress "That was delicious. And um, if that sounded like I was surprised, well, I was!"  And then the ignoramus I unfortunately work with asked what we had for lunch and I told him burgers, to which he asked "With what? Meat?" (he knows I'm vegan). I said it was vego to which he responded in his caveman fashion "Ugh".

Actually, I was gonna end that review there. But I can't. Ignoramus Caveman then asked if I get a lot of wind from eating vegetables. If I wasn't such a sweet soul I would have asked him if he got a lot of fat from eating shit.

The near future
I'm off on a miniscule roadtrip down Great Ocean Road for the weekend. WOoooo!


  1. Hey - are still doing Grumpy's trivia? Haven't seen you there lately - perhaps the impossibility of triumph over our massive team has sapped your enthusiasm?

  2. I WANT to still be doing Grumpy's trivia, but sadly haven't made it for aaaaages. Next week though, bring it on. You and Cindy better brace yourselves for an ass whupping.

  3. That sounds like a great week!! Have fun on your roadtrip.

  4. Heh - looking forward to it! I've been dutifully doing The Age's general knowledge crossword (trying anyway), but somehow I doubt that Richard is going to ask about Henry the Navigator this week.

  5. ew grumpy's trivia? I went there once but the guy screaming into the microphone was SO ANNOYING. Plus I have this thing called prosopagnosia (facial blindness) hence everybody looks like somebody else to me and I thought he was Kyle Sandilands.

    Anyway, Shakahari sounds good. Never been there (too poor).

  6. Well, I shamefully didn't make it to Grumpy's - again! Next Wed, brace yourself Michael, as I have been studying hard.

    Vicki, roadtrip was brill, never been down there before!

    Grey, I LIKE that guy, Richard McKenzie, he's cool!