Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Do you need to be smart to have a right to life?

Non-human personhood for dolphins. I can't decide if this is cool or not. Cool that some people are recognising that other animals are worthy of having rights of their own. Yay, a step in the right direction.

But less cool that this is based on how intelligent (by our standards) they are compared to humans. What does it matter that they are intelligent? That certainly doesn't mean less intelligent species deserve to suffer at our expense. Few would ethically argue against human rights for people who are a bit fucking stupid. And who would suggest severely mentally disabled people be kept in a cage for us to experiment on?

All animals naturally want to live their own lives and avoid death, and unless it's necessary for our survival, why is granting that so complicated?

Don't forget to read the article's comments if you're in the mood for frustration.

Edit:  Oh, it appears there are some even better comments on this dolphin link.

Posted by This is retarded, Tuesday, January 5, 2010, 1:23 pm  
When a dolphin goes to the moon, builds a pyramid, or paints the Sistene Chapel, then they should have rights. I'll settle for building anything, creating anything, or improving their condition beyond what it was a hundred thousand years ago. Oh wait, that won't happen. Tony Norman's comments are typical of extreme environmentalist morons. So dolphins didn't commit 'genocide?' Woof'inghoo. That's good enough to let them vote for president and have free health care I suppose, right? Human accomplishment and happiness is what matters. 

I'm not even going to talk about "Human accomplishment and happiness is what matters."  But I do wonder how many Sistine Chapels he painted to get his rights. Or how he enjoyed his trip to the moon.

Posted by Katrina, Tuesday, January 5, 2010, 6:01 pm
You know, my kitty cat is a person. She is my family, so I think she should get a free education, unemployment, health care, food stamps, and a drivers license. Idiots. 

Yep, your kitty cat deserves to have a nice life right? You don't want people testing chemicals in her eyes or injecting her organs with diseases. Where did this bullshit about food stamps, free education and driving licences come in?

This whole intelligence thing makes you wonder - how are these people confusing animals having rights with them also voting for president?

After reading those comments I doubt a dolphin cares to get his free education from these bright sparks....


  1. ha. I'm getting into it with Orion on the first link. It's gone completely off topic. I'm such a troll when it comes to these meatheads. Can't help myself. Be thankful you're on my side ;)

  2. Oh good shit! Which one are you?

  3. adam ansell is the name i use on the internet when I wish to remain anonymous

  4. Yeah, go you! Orion sounds retarded, which is brilliant in contrast to your obviously educated responses.