Monday, December 21, 2009

The tragedy that is my love life

Whilst I would love to meet a veg*n guy, sadly (and amazingly, cos I'm a such a catch) I don't have a long queue of men beating down my door allowing me to pick and choose only the sexiest veg*n ones who also like great music and don't love Two and a Half Men. And considering I only know two vegetarian guys and don't actually know any vegan people in real life except my family then I don't have much of a choice in the matter.

I haven't dated anyone seriously since I have been vegan (9 months) but in this time I have had dalliances with blokes who bring sausage rolls back with them for breakfast in bed. And guys who don't give up trying to get me to go to the races with them and 'we don't have to watch the horses.' Or make jokes about getting a housepig so they can peel them for crackling on demand. And guys who take a pig trotter with them to a party to shake hands with people.

I can't not notice these things, and whilst I can ignore them it hardly makes me want to jump into bed and ravage them.

And in Carrie Bradshaw SATC styles, I couldn't help but wonder, if you can't get exactly what you want, where do you draw the line on just how much you want it? Can you ever really get serious about someone who has a fundamentally different belief about how we live our lives? When it comes to matters of the heart, am I fucked?

And, if this means anything, I'm still giving the housepig peeling guy a go.


  1. i married a vegetarian kiwi guy. they do exist. just stop going for the "blokey" types.

  2. Yeah, I'm not particularly into blokey types either so maybe there's hope for me yet!

  3. you can still date meat eaters who are sensitive to your needs/diet (ie not making stupid jokes about crackling and the races). I was married to a omni for 5 years... he didnt cook so it was easy for me to ban meat in the house... but this is also a subject I am thinking about heavily right now...

    most vegan boys are nuts... and far more militant that I am... and their wholes lives are about being vegan .... which is also something I am turned off by...

    where I stand right now.. find someone who makes your heart sing... and respects your values... they dont necessarily have to agree with them... you can work everything else out after that....

  4. The housepig joke is kind of disturbing!

    I was single when I went vegan & the first couple of guys I dated were omni & I was fine with it because they were really respectful, if somewhat curious. Then I met Greg who was also omni & was a typical meat eating guy & concerned about my protein intake but once we moved in together he went vegan. I did most of the cooking & I didn't want meat in the house & he liked my cooking so he was happy to go vegan. Now I think that it would actually disgust me to kiss someone who had just eaten meat. I am also really happy that my partner is also committed to raising our kid vegan, I think if he was omni then there might be issues over child raising.

    But ... if you meet someone who you hit it off with & who is respectful of your beliefs then it will all work out.

  5. Aw, it sounds like you've had some ridiculous experiences! My fiance is an omni, and was one of the few people who didn't give me hell on college when I was one of the only vegetarians around. Then when I went vegan he just took it for granted that he would eat vegan meals with me. More recently he's switched to soy milk and stopped eating eggs in the house. Now he's a vegan in Townsville, but when he travels for research he eats whatever. So there are guys out there, even non-vegan ones! Don't give up hope, and don't settle!!

  6. Aw, no, you're definitely not fucked! :) I guess I'm lucky in that my boyfried went vegetarian and then vegan around the same time veganism became an important issue for me. (I may or may not have been pretty vehement that it was necessary!) If I were dating now, I know I'd be having the exact same internal struggle as you! I think that just due to the lack of veg*n guys out there, a feasible approach (to my mind) might be to find a suitable guy, and then explain to him that it is important enough to you to be a deal breaker (if it is, I know it would be for me!). I guess it sounds extreme, but I figure anyone who can't see the logic in veganism is likely not going to be anywhere near my wavelenght on a host of other issues. My two cents, at least! :) -Eve

  7. Thanks guys, glad to know I'm not doomed and don't have to meet a veg*n bloke. One who doesn't make dumb caveman jokes would do the trick, so good to know they're out there! And just by the by, I did go on a date with a vegetarian bloke recently and he was a giant scumbag who only wanted to catch up if I was going back to his place to get laid.. what a catch!