Thursday, December 3, 2009

Strokes. Diabetes. Veg eating. Avoidance issues?

Right, that's it. I'm biting the bullet and just making any old post on my blog so I can get back into the swing of things. Somehow, since my last post about going to NZ for a week, I haven't wanted to write. I think it's because I didn't really want to write about how it all went in NZ, because, despite the fact it was great to see my parents (and my cat!) it was actually pretty tough too. Dealing with my own emotional rollercoaster about my Dad and about my brother's cancer is hard enough without having to deal with my parents' own rollercoasters.

So, I just won't write much about it! In brief:
- I bought 'Simply Raw - Reversing Diabetes in 30 Days' on DVD and watched it with them
- Mum was brilliant and jumped right into the whole vegan thing and now has a wonderful positive mindset about it (This surprised me)
- Dad complained BITTERLY about his meals (so did this)
- Dad's blood sugar improved just in the week I was there
- they have been vegan for about a month now and Dad's blood sugar used to be in the 7's and 8's. Now it's in the low 6's. 5 is what non diabetic blood sugar looks like.
- Dad's recovering REALLY well from his stroke

And that's the end of that for now.

Because what I really wanted to write about was some positive stuff that allowed me to remain the emotionally devoid and heartless sod that I am. Who needs a heart when you can have a lump of coal?

Las Vegan Bakery
I have finally checked out a couple of veg*n joints I have been promising to try.  One is just round the corner from me so really I couldn't delay any longer.  I grabbed my only veg friend (thanks Una!) and checked out the cute little Las Vegan Bakery (that's not really a bakery).  The very modest and homely interior combined with the animal lib mags and the sweet old dude who served us made for a relaxed and positive dining experience where I didn't have to try and not notice the huge slabs of animal bits on my fellow diners' plates. I went for the tofu and tempeh chips in satay because I have never had tempeh prepared for me before which was the reason, I decided, I hated tempeh.  And it turns out tempeh doesn't really taste like ar5e at all! Una got the faux chicken shnitzel. Surprisingly convincing what with the stringy texture and all that.
22 Smith St

Lentil As Anything
My other foray into veg dining was a trip with my brother, sis in law and gorgeous 3 yr old niece to Lentil as Anything. This place is great! How exciting getting to fill your plate with as much vegan food as you can fit on there and having more options than salad! With eggplant curry, sweet potato curry, pasta salad, meatballs (these were the best!), salad, roti, papadums, and a soy latte how could I complain? I'm such a fat bastard that when I saw the selection I swapped the plate I was holding for a bigger one. And then you can pay whatever you like! How cool is this?  I love Lentil As Anything's philosophy - they are a not for profit community serving veg*n food and fair trade, organic coffee and tea. They have no set prices, you simply drop some money into the box on the counter. This allows everyone in the community to enjoy eating out, having fresh and healthy food without placing a focus on their financial situation.
1 St. Heliers St

Umago Cafe - Pizza
Yum! Not much needs to be said really, it's pizza. But what does need to be said is they have soy cheese available, and it's great! Admittedly, I have more love for Mr Naturals simply because I know I'm putting my money into a company that doesn't sell meat. But Umago's is delish and more like 'normal' pizza, and not quite so pricey!
171 - 173 Brunswick St

Grumpy's Green
Good ol' Grumpy's on Smith.  Vegetarian, locally sourced booze, grey water loos, recycled furniture, spunky pub quiz dude, friendly barstaff. What's not to love? All that aside, I'm trying out the pub quiz at The Comfy Chair in Brunswick next week. I'm sorry Grumpy. It's not because I'm not feeling the love. More like an exchange of pub quizzes among friends.
125 Smith St

And on that note I have got it all out of my system and can get back to normal.

PS. Endless thanks to all you lovely people who wrote all those supportive comments re: my Dad.


  1. Hey hey! Glad you found a tempeh dish to love. :-)

    And Umago offers soy cheese?! I had no idea.

  2. That is great that your mum was really supportive & that your dad is doing better. Your dad sounds like mine who refuses to change his diet to improve is health - very frustrating.

    And tempeh chips sound delicious!

  3. hey niki glad to hear from you.... umagos soy cheese is not vegan (I'm pretty sure) but might be best to ask

  4. Cindy, yep, tempeh is no longer my secret cooking shame. I had an eye out for you on Wed at Grumpy's too. Never the two shall cross!

    Thanks Vicki, Mum was incredible. Dads are difficult though aren't they? But I'm glad he's doing it nonetheless. Is your Dad refusing point blank?

    Carla, you break my heart. Bloody soy cheese with casein is just devil fodder. Bastards! I didn't even think to ask if it was vegan cos it's just so pointless have non vegan soy cheese. But I have been caught out before. Sob. I knew it was too good to be true. I haven't forgotten the books either, just waiting on pay day...

  5. eek this was a long time ago like 4 years ago.. ask them! but I'm always dodge on any soy cheese if its not cheezly (and toffutti is recognisable too.. I at least know that vegan but refuse to eat it)... yeah I mean there are people who arent vegan who still eat that stuff.. ask them what brand it is... and if you could report back that would rock!


  6. pshhhh. As if anyone has better trivia than our grumpy bastard.....

  7. Niki - it seems as though it's definitely not vegan friendly soy-cheese. Pretty unhelpful.

    We'll be back at Grumpy's next week - I can't go past the grumpy bastard.

  8. So sad about the Umago cheese incident. I would believe it too, it was very convincing cheese.

    Michael, I didn't make it to Grumpy's last night, I was trying out Comfy Chair. Grumpy's wins and I will be back next Wed! So sorry to have been disloyal Grumpy Bastard... But in good news, I have converted a Comfy Chair attender to jump ship!