Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Farmers must act to preserve animal agriculture

I find this article a little bizarre. And not just because it's big-ag being honest (about being dishonest).

The premise of the article is that meat and dairy farmers need to fight to bring their story to consumer markets to ensure people keep buying their products.

The strange part is the complete transparency which usually isn't evident, and in fact probably isn't intended.

Check out this quote here:
“The problem we have has almost doubled because we have allowed the activists to define us, we have allowed the activists to tell the public what we do and how we do it and frankly, we’re sitting back and continuing to allow that to happen”

So he's not denying that the activists are telling the truth. What he is saying is that people are hearing the truth and not liking it and it's the activists fault, and the farmer's fault for letting them.

So if activists are telling the truth, exactly which stories is he suggesting farmers bring to the table to refute it?

And, you know what? If something unnecessary appears to be getting phased out precisely because the truth of it is abhorent, how on earth do you justify trying to hold onto it?


  1. Hi... I couldn't go to the link you posted - But I get the gist. What I read & hear of what animal ag wants to do is to "tell their story". They are constantly going on that people are so disconnected from where their "food" (animals) come from.

    Truth is people now days are learning all too much for comfort! We've learned these animals are sentient and just as deserving of life as any "pet" is. We are learning how the "meat" animals are enslaved & slaughtered. We are learning that it is not NECESSARY at all! We don't "need" their bloody carcasses to thrive!

    No, the problem for animal ag is not public ignorance - It's consumer awareness! And it is we who must tell our story - And the story of the animal victims.

  2. Hi Bea! Oops about the link, thanks for letting me know. I have fixed it now.
    That always seems to be the way with big-ag, them wanting to tell their story. At least the story that activists tell is truthful! Big-ag have had the same story for so many years, 'you need meat for protein', 'you need milk for calcium', 'meat grows brains', and even the 'got milk' marketing slogan which has taken over as an accepted health claim.