Friday, October 30, 2009

Agribusiness exposes the lies of climate change.

What an intelligent argument against climate change - from Agribusiness.

From declaring Meatless Mondays dangerous to telling us environmentalists have to convince us of climate change or they will no longer get funding (What? Is agribusiness exempt from writing in favour of agribusiness to keep the public thinking they need to consume animal products?)

What a surprise.

I wonder why agribusiness should be so opposed to the idea of climate change being real - is it because of profits? Surely not.

Agribusiness never lies for the sake of profits. They don't really employ illegal immigrants because they will take low pay and unacceptable working conditions, or provide the West's most dangerous employment via slaughterhouse processing, or slaughter sick animals for public consumption, or engage in horrific animal cruelty from rubbing salt into cut off snouts to cutting calves out of the sides of dairy cows, or let millions of tonnes of manure run-off into nearby rivers, or let their manure lagoons infiltrate the water table.

All this for profits... and I haven't even touched on climate change.

What a horrific article riddled with faulty logic.

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