Thursday, October 29, 2009

Dumbest comments of the day re: Lord Stern

Lord Stern's urging us to go veg to save the planet has had a lot of publicity (which I posted about here) and a lot of unsurprising backlash from the devoted meat eaters and global warming doubters.

Now, I know it's not nice to laugh at others, but as I have some sort of masochistic gene and I love reading shit that gets me shaking my head in amazement and wanting to punch some peoples' stupid faces I have amassed a nice little collection of idiotic comments for your viewing pleasure.

Eugene Says:
October 28th, 2009 at 12:22 pm
Major consequences of not eating meat:

1. Wild boar population of US and especially TX will exponentially grow making ruined farmlands. This is due to boars not having any natural predators except humans.

2. All major sports and Olympics would be pitiful ghost of strong athletes. When is the last time you ever saw a vegetarian linebacker in the NFL. No more tailgates!

3. Vegetarian children will be making civil rights claims due to being beat up all the time by the meat eating children.

4. Jesus ate meat (fish) when he visited the disciples after he died. People won’t be like Jesus they will be like Judas.

5. No more BBQs – this idea seems anti-American.

Hey, wait Eugene has another stroke of genius:

Eugene Says:
October 28th, 2009 at 4:40 pm

Most vegetarians are a bunch of cry babies when it comes to animals they put animals on the same plane as humans so lets apply animal rules to them. We can spade or neuter animals so they don’t breed. Animals are kept in cages. Animals don’t vote. Animals don’t have government benefits such as medicare or social security.
People are higher than animals thus we can eat them just as animals are higher than plants.

Sadly, I haven't come across anyone else quite so "enlightened" (but it is only 10am so I still have the whole day...) but here are a few more tidbits.

Lawrence Hendry wrote:
Get out of our lives you enviomental nuts!
If you want to live in the woods and eat berries then don't let me stop you, just stop trying to ruin the lives of the majority who know that global warming is a lie.

And if anyone was wondering about the riots, plagues and cave dwelling that would result from shunning dairy, don't worry cos Victor has thankfully put in his two cents.

Victor Southern said...
No milk, no cheese, no dairy farmers, no cheese-makers, no butter churners. Vast numbers of jobs lost. Ruined economy, malnourished babies, abject poverty, riots, mass starvation, plagues, cave dwelling, no carbon emissions, ice age returns, begin again.

Ahhh... don't you love it?


  1. My favourite:

    2. All major sports and Olympics would be pitiful ghost of strong athletes.

    Ummm.... *cough* Carl Lewis. And Greg Chappell