Thursday, October 15, 2009

Vegan Meetup Group in Melbourne

After getting all excited about World Vegan Day in Abbotsford and then getting all gutted that I can't make it cos I'm away that weekend I decided to get a little more proactive about meeting fellow vegans in Melbourne - I don't know any!

So in case any of you are feeling the same, there is a new Veg*n Meetup group on They are meeting up this Saturday (which I also can't make) but I thought I would spread the word! I could always do with some real life vegan friends who exist beyond blogs!


  1. Hi there- I did like the raw soup a lot- but it wouldn't have been as good without the cheesy sause that I added. If you try it again, add some hemp or cashew or other nut or nut butter, and some nutritional yeast, and a little olive oil - that stuff with make the soup more creamy and less like a juice. I also left out the celery, which probably helped it be more soup-y and less juice-y.

  2. Oh great! Thanks Pomegranate. I will give that a go - that sounds just like what it needed.