Monday, October 12, 2009

World Vegan Day

Hooray! World Vegan Day is coming up!

I have never been before - I thought about going last year (I was vegetarian then, vegan curious) and now I'm EXTREMELY keen to go. I am yet to recruit anyone to come with me though... probably go on my lonesome which is fine, at least I can revel in the vegan glory without having to feel silly and obsessive in front of my omni friends!

Having checked out the list of sponsors I'm definitely interested in popping by a few of their stalls assuming they have them. In particular Animal Liberation Victoria as I am a member but yet to do anything productive to help them, despite my lame attempt at offering my help.

I don't really know what goes on at this thing. Has anyone been before? You going again this year? I did see that last year they had Speed Dating. Hahahahaaha! (I laugh now but I will probably be first in line on the day...)


  1. My advice is: save room for food! (I wrote about last year's spread here.)

    If I go this year I will likely be going solo too. We can probably arrange a mini veg*n bloggers' meet-up if you're interested.

  2. I went last year on my own & spent a lot of the day eating! The food is fantastic!

    Cindy - I would be interested if there was a bloggers meet-up because I know absolutely no vegans in melbourne.

  3. Hey Cindy, your post is great and has got me even more excited about going. The food sounds great!

    It's also nice to know the place was packed out - I had no idea there were that many vegans in Melbourne, I don't know any either Vicki!

    A meet up might be a good idea :)

  4. I don't know any either!
    I really want to go to World Vegan day this year. It looks so good.

  5. wish I could go but can't go on 1 Nov - sounds like a fun day!

    re kale - the best place I have found to find it in melbourne is the green grocer near the corner of elgin st and lygon st - they always have such nice produce - I do find it something in coburg in the nicer fruit and veg stores - not sure about fitzroy but the trend fruit and veg store on Brunny St a little south west of johnson st might have it - I am sure if you ask around in those sort of places you will find it - it is delicious and worth finding - good luck!

  6. I went last year for the first time. And I have to be honest and say I wasn't that impressed :(
    I was new vegan, new to Melbourne. I went with my kids and partner. We didn't buy food (always so broke! And it feed 5 of us costs the earth!). I would have liked to be able to talk to people to get to know other vegans, but really felt like an outsider.
    Regardless, I will be going again. Maybe it's cause I am too shy and tend to keep to myself. Hopefully now I am more knowledgeable I will enjoy it more, although I needed the advice and help last year.
    If others are meeting up, count me and my tribe in :)

  7. Well, looks like all we need is a time and a place! I can fit in with just about anything, though I wonder if we should meet early (10am opening) when it might be less packed out. Any preferences?

  8. Argh! I have just told my mate I'm going to this and she reminded me I'm away in Bright with her for that weekend. Sob!
    So looks like you guys are going to meet up without me. Please don't have too much fun or I will be even more jealous than I already am!
    Shame you didn't have a great time last year Seitahn.

  9. I'm in for a meet up too! I'm not sure if I can rope Buz in again (athough last year's yummies might help) and I'm still not sure if I'll bring Sam (last year his Auntie Lisa and Auntie Emily looked after him at the aduki stall while we wandered around) and I'd love to meet all the new bloggers too.

  10. Earlier is better - yuck crowds!

    I'm really excited that we're going to be around to go to this. I am looking forward to lots of food.

  11. It is a wonderful thing! (everyday is vegan day in my home). I happen to live in an arear that is rampant with animal farming for food and fur. Here vegans are looked at as a sort of freak. But, as far as the diet itself is concerned it is gaining in popularity ever so slowly. There is no world vegan day celebration here as far as I know. So sad. But, I am excited for you folks who do have events going on. One step at a time.

    More power to all of you!

  12. Hi guys,

    I'm planning to go there too, and I'm 99% sure I'm going solo this year, cause my husband is working on sunday.
    I haven't been to any of bloggers meet up yet, & I would love to come to one, and meet you guys in person. :) count me in for a meet up..