Thursday, October 22, 2009

Despressing and ignorant article of the day

Have these people been hiding under a rock?
I thought everyone knew the links between meat and cancer.


  1. " "This so-called Cancer Project is just an animal-rights vehicle created to
    spread fear about perfectly safe food that's not PETA-approved," said David
    Martosko, CCF's Director of Research. "

    I don't think these people realize that meat is actually a threat to our health, that we're not just mung bean brandishing hippies who only care about animal rights. I mean, I care about animal rights, obviously, but I also care about the threats to people's health that are posed by meat and animal products.

  2. To be fair, there's very little evidence that white meat is a risk factor for cancer. Basically none - what we do know is that diets high in red meat and processed meats are linked to colo-rectal cancer, not chicken.

    Now I'm all for not eating chicken, but I think there's something incredibly dodgy about groups like 'The Cancer Project' and the "Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine" being set up by animal rights groups to basically scare people into not eating meat. If we can't convince people using the actual reasonable justifications for avoiding eating animal products, then I don't think resorting to pseudo-scientific scare campaigns is a particularly smart move.

  3. Amy, you are right, people just don't seem to realise that animal products are linked to cancer and think that our entire focus is on animal rights - that we will use whatever scare tactics we can come up with whether it's true or not.

    Anonymous, there is a lot of evidence about white meat and cancer - animal protein is linked to cancer in general, not just colo-rectal cancer. Have you read many studies on this area? Animal products in general are linked to diabetes and heart disease amongst a host of other, now common, diseases in Western culture. Perhaps you could check out The China Study by Dr T Colin Campbell.