Monday, October 5, 2009

Passion Foods and Purely Decadent Icecream

Wow! I just discovered an exciting health food and organics store in South Melbourne called Passion Foods. I am a little bit pathetic and get excited discovering new stores like this because there is usually something new I can add to my array of 'weird vegan foods'.

And the best thing about Passion Foods is that they stock Turtle Mountain Purely Decadent vegan icecream. Perhaps I have not been privvy to this information that there is still somewhere in Melbourne that stocks this stuff - but I haven't been able to find it since I first tried (and devoured in record time) their Cookie Dough flavour over a year ago!

Admittedly, they only had one flavour at Passion foods - Cherry Nirvana. But I will definitely be going back there and asking if they can get in other flavours for me. Has anyone else found a stockist in Melbourne for this stuff?

Oh, and Passion Foods also make their own Coconut Black Sticky Rice PUdding. No weird ingredients, preservatives or numbers, and freshly made. I ate a whole tub of it for breakfast (ok, not the healthiest breakfast food. But it WAS my birthday!)


  1. I think there's not going to be any more imports of Turtle Mountain (Habib's also only has Cherry Nirvana). Anikee at Radical Grocery has made lots of enquiries. This is most heartbreaking! I also loved Cookie Dough and last year in the States I had Soy Dream Mocha Caramel Swirl and I died a gazillion times.

  2. What kinds of vegan things do they have there??

    I live in South Melbourne, so this store sounds great!

  3. Before we moved to Melbourne I was talking to a person at a grocery in Perth that stocked Turtle Mountain, and she was telling me that whoever used to import them to Australia just stopped completely, and so they (the shop) was trying to get together a collection of 'shops that want to stock it' in order to import it in.

    Don't know how that's going, though.

  4. That rice pudding sounds amazing! And happy birthday :)

  5. Oh no! So here I was getting my hopes up that all was not lost, but it looks like it might well be! Maybe I should stock up my freezer...

    Amy - the vegan things they had I can't actually remember - just different brands and types of some of your standard vegan fare, plus asian foods, different types of pasta (brown rice pasta - I never see that anyway) and just lots of specialty foods I don't see often. I think they also had a good selection of vegan wines and lots of organic stuff.

  6. Oh, and thanks for the birthday wishes!
    (I feel old now. Sob)