Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Review: Gurkha's Nepalese Restaurant on Lygon St

I do love finding restaurants that are not marketed as veg*n but cater as well for vegans as they do for omnis.

Gurkha's is one of these. They have heaps of vegan options.

I went there last night for a quick meal before a Fringe Festival show (Philip Escoffey - mind reader if you care) and was actually a bit overwhelmed with all the options! Usually choosing from the menu is a simple process of picking one of perhaps two or three options.

Gurkha's had a dozen vegan mains, half a dozen vegan sides, and about 5 vegan entrees! Wooohooo! I opted for the vegan steamed dumplings, spinach and potatoes, and potato chickpea curry all of which were vegan. I did forget however to check whether the roti bread was vegan or fried in butter - oops!

And with all that and half a bottle of wine, at just under $50 I will be back for more!

I would love to know what your favourite 'normal' restaurants are that have heaps of vegan options.

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  1. i've never been to the lygon st one, but i do enjoy the one on sydney rd