Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Reviewing The Vegetarian Myth

Wow, I am quite amazed at this review written by a raw vegetarian. All I can guess is that this is the only 'educational' book she has read on the matter because the arguments against a vegetarian diet are poorly thought out and inadequately researched - from obligate carnivores to vegangelical ideas caused by brain problems due to a lack of saturated fat. And how does the author's arguments against soy, valid or not, give animal products a big tick?

The reviewer's 'realisation' that agriculture is murder because mice, etc, get killed when harvesting crops is a bit slow off the mark, and really, quite irrelevant. What has that got to do with going veg? Does she think that eating meat will actually stop animals dying? Does she know that animals raised for meat eat most of these crops?

Does she really think "Grains kill"??

The solution is that we should buy locally and animals belong on ecologically sound farms. With the demand for meat to be part of billions of peoples meals every day there is no ecologically sound way to farm all these animals. The ecologically sound way to save the planet is to stop with the animal products!

Admittedly, I haven't read this book myself, but the arguments raised in this review are naive and simplistic non sequiturs. And I am surprised that the reviewer has not heard them all and debunked them before.

Has anyone else read this?


  1. wtf!? this is ridiculous. i read the review (and posted a response under the name 'Anne')
    idiot woman

  2. I know! Isn't it insane?? I'm glad you left a comment under the article, good one. I also liked the previous commenter's, um, comments?

    I wonder how that reviewer is still alive on her raw vegetarian diet if she really does have such limited knowledge on the whole affair....

    PS. I'm glad you thought it was ridiculous too Philippa - as no one else had commented on my post I wondered if no one thought much of her review and I was secretly insane.

  3. The way she thinks is typical for anti-veg/vegan people. They don't want to debate, the only want to attack. It is pure populism and nothing else. We can't avoid all animal suffering so lets go kill some more? the same reasoning can also be applied to other things: we can't avoid all pollution, so lets pollute some more! right. We can't avoid all human suffering so...
    It just doesn't make any sense at all, but it is simple and gives people a good laugh. And that is how they win.

  4. I agree hypnos, such weak arguments but they are happy with them because they defend their behaviour. What I don't get is that the reviewer is raw vegetarian - I'm surprised she doesn't know better.