Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Eating 20,000 calories a day

My workmate always comes up with inane bits of news to tell me, and today's topic was the world's fattest man. The discussion about him personally lasted about 3 - 5 seconds, but the discussion about what you gotta eat to manage his whopping 20,000 calories a day went on for a good hour. And as a vegan, trying to meet that challenge is even tougher!

But we worked out I could meet my 20,000 calories a day if I had any of the following:

110 slices of wholegrain toast with margarine and peanut butter (that must be only about 5 loaves, right?)
90 pints of cider (that's only 1 every 10 mins for 16 hrs, I'm sure one of my mates has done that before)
95 pints of Guinness
58 cups of vegetarian penne arrabbiatta

And if I was omni:

10 Bogan Burgers from The Napier Hotel

Only 10! Not surprising as it contains enough crap to give you a heart attack halfway through.

Right, I'm off to Grumpy's Green tonight for the Wednesday Grumpy's Pub Quiz and something much nicer and more animal friendly than the above. The only problem with vegetarian places is I get lost in the menu - not used to having more than 2 options!


  1. 58 cups of pasta! Is Guinness vegan? I had heard it isn't, but would be happy if it was!

  2. Hey! I was at trivia too - sinking to mediocrity with the rest of the dyslexic brians. Our time will come!

  3. I think you are right Theresa, it was just one of the items my mate worked out and I forgot to check...

    Hey Michael, you were at trivia? What was your team? (we were 'I lied about having sex with 350 women') We came a mediocre 4th place.

  4. that burger sounds absolutely disgusting!