Thursday, November 5, 2009

Costco in Docklands, Melbourne

I have been contemplating forking out the whopping great $60 membership to go to Costco in the vague hopes they might have some great vegan options, cheap.

Anyone been there?


  1. check out duncan at syrup and tang on costco - lots of comments to give you some food for thought -

  2. Thanks Johanna. I'm definitely not interested in the meat or dairy or 500 gazillion bog rolls.

    But I was wondering if maybe there are some vegan options from America (eg Coconut milk icecream, Follow your heart cheese, etc etc)

  3. Hi Niki,
    I have heard that you are able to have a look around first before you buy a membership. Don't quote me on that though!

  4. Sorted - I am going to borrow my colleagues card so I can nosy around and see if they have any cool and exciting American vegan food.