Monday, November 9, 2009

Animals Australia - National TV ad campaign

Animals Australia are releasing a new ad on TV to raise awareness about where pork products come from. It is all too easy for Australians to believe that factory farming is mainly in America and whilst it is heartbreaking to know that most animal products in Australia are in fact factory farmed, it is great news that this national TV ad campaign will be reaching millions of people.

Watch it here.


  1. oohh, yeah, I saw that ad last night!

  2. great news...lets hope the ad has some effect.

  3. I saw the ad the other day. I really wish that cooking shows would come on board and discuss animal friendly options too. It seems that with the rise in popularity of shows like master chef, Australians are making their own meals more and more - which is great, but what about veggie meals? They rarely ever make a dish that doesn't include some kind of dead animal.