Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Yong Green Food and bugger all else

Last week was extremely non-eventful. In fact, I didn't go out at all from Monday to Friday and just packed my stuff (I'm moving to Easey St this weekend, woo!)

But I did make it to Yong Green Food on Saturday for lunch after moving a few boxes. I lived in Sth Korea for a while so I was hanging out for some Korean food that I can actually eat. Seeing as a lot of it isn't vegan, it's hard to reminisce. I love kimchi, but, it's true, it's offensive on the nostrils so I only eat it when no one else is home. So offensive in fact, that when I would get to school in Korea I couldn't tell if the smell was lunch or someone had just let one drop.

And with that you will be pleased to know my mate and I shared the kimchi pancake, which was huge and great.  And filled me up completely so that I barely had room for my Korean BBQ (faux beef) main which I ended up having to takeaway. The girls who run it are cute, atmos is relaxed and it's easy to sit and chat for much longer than necessary.

And apparently it was open til 11pm on Friday night cos people just wouldn't clear out. This wouldn't sound quite so impressive, if it wasn't for the fact it's also a non-boozer amidst the plethora of Brunswick St Friday night watering holes. Hooray for new vegan and raw joints.


  1. I've gotta try this one! What were their prices like?

    Is Easey Street a metaphor for something? hehe


  2. Yeah. I went there for the first time on saturday night. Then I went there for the second time on sunday night. It's that good...

  3. Seitahn, cost us about $40 for lunch for 2 (shared entree, 2 mains, 2 coffees). Easey St, hopefully - I could do with either of the implied metaphors these days.

    Grey - yeah, I'll be back for sure! Need to try the raw stuff.

  4. I am really looking forward to going here, sounds good!

  5. i've heard good things about this place, i've got to try it.

  6. wow i realise it's recently opened but I haven't heard about this place, sounds great, although I'm a bit dubious about the raw food movement and the perceived benefits of raw food per se.