Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A bunch of unrelated things.

I haven't written in a while - been busy and stressed. My brother's latest cancer treatment is absolutely horrific, worse than all the chemos, surgerys, radiations, and drugs he has tried in the last 2.5 years to beat it. If you thought you had a bad Valentine's day - try his on for size.

In other news I have spent the rest of my spare time moving to Easey St and living on pizza and wine. Nothing worth blogging about but fingers crossed life can get back to mostly normal next week and I can go back to bitching and moaning about Big Ag.

Tonight, I break the monotony and will be attending that fine piece of indie-delight that is The Cribs. Hooray!!


  1. Hi Niki,
    I read Paul's LiveJournal, and I had no idea how awful treatment was. I am really floored by the love and courage Paul and Jules show each other (and Isla) - respect and best wishes to your whole family.
    xMiss T

  2. Thanks Miss T! Yeah, it's been nasty, I had no idea either that cancer treatment sucked so bad 'til it hit our family. Paul and Jules are so brave and so strong, and Isla - well, she just makes your heart melt.

  3. Hey Nikki, so sorry to hear about your poor brother, it sounds beyond horrible.

    It sounds like your brother has tried a few different alternative things, but I'm wondering if acupuncture would be good for his pain. It helped my brother a lot when he broke a bone in his back and was having to live on pain killers and morphine, I know it's not the same but just wondering aloud.

  4. Thanks Kristy, I will suggest it to him. I have no idea whether acupuncture works on things like skin conditions but at the moment they are trying anything!