Friday, April 16, 2010

Toxin in your TVP? And what's really in your beef?

Had nothing new to say lately hence the long time no write.

But this is worth sharing.

Sad to say, but your TVP, fake meats and soy protein isolates, whilst never considered health foods as such, might actually be processed with a neurotoxic petroleum byproduct. Can you not trust anything these days??? Another reason to stick with real, unprocessed, organic soy.

And in other news, if you haven't seen the latest government reports on what's in your beef you should check this out from Beef that is rejected by Mexico as too dangerous to eat is A-OK to feed to American consumers instead. And did you know that it's not about grain-fed vs grass-fed beef anymore, it's about chicken-manure-fed vs cow-blood-fed. Wonder why they don't put that on the menu. Good ol' Big Ag putting profits over people as per usual.


  1. this was a beat up. See , especially the comments from people who work with hexane and understand its nature and its use in the food industry.

    tl;dr: it's very unlikely that a dangerous level of hexane would still be in these products by the time they enter your mouth.


  2. Wow! Thanks for this. God, it makes me sick the anti-veg corporations put out such bullshit.

    Back to not trusting Weston Price.

  3. you fokes nead to pull head out of ass if you have med trouble heart alerges eat organic for 2 weeks and look at the diferance you will feal. if you have joint pain stay a way from dairy products.I dare any one to try my way i have to live