Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Vegan Beauty Products

I have only been vegan for about 6 months, and am still making the transition of using up my makeup and beauty products before buying new vegan items.

I have already managed it for the basics like soap and shampoo.

But I'm now onto the serious stuff - makeup!

I'm a big make-up and product fiend and I own more stuff than I could ever use up in the quest to find the perfect holy grail of mascara, moisturiser, foundation, cleanser and lippy! Having spent years finding the stuff that works best (for me, at least) I now am faced with the daunting task of finding them all over again, in a much smaller niche market.

I have checked out The Body Shop and see that their stuff is vegetarian and not tested on animals.. but this doesn't eliminate dairy products (and honey) in their items. Lush and Aveda are both friendly sounding but aren't. So far Origins seems to be the winner but I'm yet to try any of their stuff - and I don't think they do makeup. *Sob*. Natio also offer what appears to be vegan products, shame I have already tried a bunch and while they do the trick ok, I haven't fallen in love with them.

Would love to hear what your best vegan beauty buys and products are. In fact, I wouldn't just love it - I'm desperate to hear it!


  1. For lip gloss, try: http://www.pussypuckerpots.com/ -- it's really nice! You can order it in Australia from http://rainbowstore.com.au/category247_1.htm

    Of the big make up vendors, some of them sell products that are vegan and aren't tested on animals, e.g. MAC: (http://makeup.lovetoknow.com/MAC_Cosmetics_Vegan) but clearly they aren't vegan companies.

    Because of various allergies, they keep a big book with the ingredients for every product. That big book is unfortunately not good enough to include a vegan stamp (probably because like lots of companies, they don't want to make promises for their upstream chemical providers), so you're going to have to read the ingredient list.

  2. Hey thanks Danni! Handy to know MAC has vegan stuff - I was worried I would be limited to small, obscure, hard to find brands.

    Can't open the other link from work - obviously pussy is banned!

    I have also heard Revlon doesn't test on animals but you have to check the ingredients also.

  3. OK, I have done A LOT of research on this! I find lush is ok, at least everything in their store is clearly labled with the vegan logo, I find they are good for hair products.

    For soap & body/face scrub, I use a small melbourne based company called food for your skin. Most of their products are vegan (very few contain beeswax) and I buy directly from the girl who makes them - she has a stall at the rose street artist's market in Fitzroy on Saturdays (It also helps that I have a stall opposite her!)

    Now for cosmetics!

    everydayminerals.com are cheap and amazing! you can order a free trial pack and choose 3 foundations, one concealer and one blush and only pay for the shipping (about $5) I always get my order in the mail within 2 weeks. Their lip colour are really good too. If you have never used mineral foundation before, I highly reccomend it - it looks so beautiful and natural - better then everything I have ever used.

    Vegan wares on Smith street sell Sevi vegan lipstick.

    I have also used Inika. They are lovely, Australian and all vegan but quite expensive.

    My biggest challenge is fiding a really good bright red lipstick, I haven't found one made by any of the vegan companies and everyone else seems to use carmine (crushed up beetles) to get the red colour.

    One more thing, MAC are no where near as good as anyone says - read the ingredients lists and get to know what all the numbers mean!

    Hope this helps!

  4. Thanks Hollie, that's exactly what I needed!

    I do use Mineral makeup - I will check out everydayminerals.com for my next batch.

    I didn't know Lush had vegan options, so will give them a go.

    Inika sounds worth a shot too - I'm not sure where else to get a good mascara from. I'll go have a look at the Vegan Wares on Smith too and I better make my way to the Rose St Artist markets seeing as its just down the road. Might see you there!

  5. Ahh, something I have put a lot of time into!

    I use Nude Mineral foundation - I am a convert - and I like Inika lip colour. I have used that blue and white brand of hair, body and face stuff, and it's pretty good, but I really like the shampoo and conditioner you linked to the most, as well as all their houselhold products.
    Natio is good (but look out for beeswax, lanolin and horsehair brushes; they have confirmed that apart from their lip stuff and mascara, all their colours and skincare are ok). I love Aesop and Alchemy/Akin. Keune haircare, Goldwell, Mastey and David Barbaii are all vegan (I love Mastey to death), and Living Nature is vegan except for honey. Innoxa use lanolin and beeswax but are otherwise ok. Origins also use lanolin and beeswax, but don't use carmine and their brushes are ok. OPI are good, except for the ridge filler, and the older natural base coats, and they say that some of their sparkly colours use guanline - I just stick to the matte colours. StyliStyle are all ok. Woolworth's Naytura toothpaste is vegan.

    Also, far and away the very best mascara I have ever had is Zuzu Luxe from the States. I am scheming about how to get some more shipped over!
    I really have too much makeup!

  6. Oh wow Miss T! That's great! I must have picked up about 5 yrs of makeup research in 5 mins, woohoo!

    Zuzu Luxe huh? Just checking it out on www.makeupalley.com (love love love that site). Sounds like I will have to hunt some down too!

    Is Nude the stuff on the tv ads that sounds almost scammish?

    Also, where do you shop to find all these great brands?

  7. Origins have some nice products - worth a try!

  8. Not makeup related but to answer your question on my blog, I got liquid smoke from david jones food section (downstairs in the city), it was around the BBQ sauces etc.

    I have also seen it as Leos in Kew.

  9. Thanks Kristy!

    Niki, I'm not sure of that's dodgy ad (I know the one you mean) but it's the one that Ada Nicodemou advertises and it's great (it also specifies no animal stuff so I rate that!). You can get it heaps of places, but I went to that health food shop, Vitamin Me I think?, over the road from the Bourke St Target.

    You can get Living Nature, Innoxa, the blue and white brand, and Alchemy/Akin (and Botani) from Priceline; StyliStyle and Mastey from Price Attack; David Barbaii from pharmacies; Keune haircare from various phramacies/hair places; and OPI from Petra and DJs. Aesop has standalone stores in FLinders Lane and the Sofitel building at th etop of Collins St, and in Myer. Myer also has a body care brand which is vegan except for honey, and advertised as such, in their Kit section.

    I really do shop too much!

  10. Thanks Kristy! I have been looking for liquid smoke for a while and wondered if it wasn't in Australia.

    Miss T - yay! I didn't realise I could find all these at your standard places.

  11. cant tell you much on the makeup stuff... but I have seriously SERIOUSLY sensitive skin/consitution and I stopped using deodarant and toothpaste about a year ago... and started using only bicarb soda. Its miraculous.

    For body wash I use Dr Bronners - made from all natural oils and is vegan and for shampoo I use the organics I think its called shampoo... has no sodium lauryl sulphate in it and lots of other nastys I cant have...

    hope this helps!

  12. Thanks Carla - I think we are both using the same Organics shampoo - love it!

    Where do you get Dr Bronners?

    Bicarb? How do you use it?

  13. Bloody Living Nature has heaps of Manuka honey in it! I went to check out a lipgloss with a friend and discovered it, and ... they still claim to be animal ingredient free! I emailed them a snippy note (and blogged it too).

  14. PS Dr Bronners: Habib WholeFoods on Flinders St, or in the organic fruit'n'veg section at the Queen Vic Market, that I can think of. Maybe also that health food shop near Mag Nation on Elizabeth St?

  15. Yeah, I saw your blog about Living Nature Miss T - what a cheek huh? Did they reply to your email?

    Habib Wholefoods - never been there, better check it out. You are FULL of handy advice!


    Check out manic panic's website, they sell outrageous fudge colours for the hair, and extremely gothic makeup, vegan!
    I haven't actually looked for a red lipstick on that site, but they sell WHITE foundation, so they probably have a red lipstick, they also sell nail polish I think. Hopefully I've been of some help.

  17. Thanks for writing on this subject, I too have decided to go vegan, especially with beauty products and will do the whole transition over. It is difficult but worth it.