Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Vegan Activism

I have only been vegan since early this year, for me what seems an inevitable transition from becoming vegetarian about 2.5yrs ago.

And since becoming vegan I have become unbelievably wrapped up in it - which I never expected at all.

I have gone from eating everything (mostly unhealthy stuff), to lacto-ovo pescetarian, to vegan in 2.5 yrs and now it still doesn't feel enough.

Ashamedly I have only just stopped buying leather, and am still slowly converting my cosmetics, household cleaners, etc, to vegan options.

And the next step now is for me to actually do something, as opposed to stop doing something.

I already donate to a few organisations and sign petitions, but now I am volunteering to help Animal Liberation Victoria and it just turns out the first thing I can help on is the 30 Day Vegan Easy Challenge campaign. Brilliant! I have been a bit scared of volunteering at animal shelters and the like, I can't watch Meet Your Meat or Earthlings and wouldn't be able to cope with seeing the cruelty we inflict every day. But doing something positive like this is definitely a good feeling.

I have my first meeting on Saturday to see just what I'm in for!

I'm curious to hear what other vegans do, if anything, in addition to their vegan lifestyle?

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